Our Services

Mercantile Enterprises Ltd is a one stop Garage that offers a complete range of services covering almost every aspect related to cars.

Service Name Description
MOTOR VEHICLE ACCIDENT REPAIRS We specialize in both Major and Minor accident repairs for body damages, Engines and Gear Boxes. Image result for CAR CHECKS
TYRE  CENTRE We provide solutions for all automobile needs for tyre repairs, wheel balancing and alignment.We have established partnership with our suppliers like AutoExpress who ensure we deliver quality at competitive prices. Image result for TIRE AND WINDSCREEN CHANGE
WINDSCREEN REPLACEMENT We replace windscreens for all models at reasonable rates.  
MOTOR VEHICLE DIAGNOSIS AND ELECTRONICS We offer a wide range of auto-electrical solutions including: Motor Vehicle Diagnosis, Trouble shooting , and keys Programming for all motor vehicles including lorries.  Image result for ELECTRICAL WORK / DIAGNOSIS
 We diagnose and rectify all defects in air Conditioning Systems and A/C gas Refill.
Image result for vehicle AIR CONDITIONING
UPHOLSTERY  We restore full interior upholstery from accident related damages or wear and tear.
Image result for upholstery vehicle
MOTOR VEHICLE SERVICING We carry out both major and minor servicing including.Minor service will include oil change,oil filter and air cleaner change,and plugs. Major services extend to include Full Gear box servicing, Full Brake service, and Steering ATF changes among others.
Image result for OIL & BREAK CHECKS
TOWING SERVICES We offer all types of towing services within Nairobi including flat bed for Germany/Specialized Cars.

Image result for TOWING SERVICES

VEHICLE SPRAY PAINTING We maintain the highest standards of vehicle painting in Nairobi with expert painters who have demonstrated unequaled quality in the preparation and application of our top class paints. We are capable of mixing all colour codes and match the original colour with ease.


IMPORTATION OF PARTS We Import spare parts for rare model vehicles which not popular in the Kenyan open market.